Strategic Plan

The Parish Plan is a “living document” and a blueprint for the future.  This Strategic Plan aims to ensure that Ewyas Harold Parish Plan 2012 will be able  to react to changing conditions and incorporate new ideas.

  1. An Action Plan will chart the success (and maybe failure) of the Councils to meet the community’s demands.
  2. The Action Plan will be an agenda item at every EHGPC meeting.  It will be updated by the Clerk, and will be reviewed by EHGPC Chair in the Report at the Annual Meeting.
  3. Additions and deletions to the Parish Plan will be permitted following consultation with the community.
  4. Working groups will be established where necessary to ensure the delivery of Parish Plan objectives.
  5. The Ewyas Harold Design Statement (2003) has been revisited and found to be still relevant in all areas except for the issue of bungalow construction.  It is included as a formal appendix and should be read in conjunction with any built environment issues.
  6. The Ewyas Harold Parish Plan website will publish the development of the Parish Plan.  It will be updated regularly and, together with the Newsletter, act as a link with the community.
  7. Ewyas Harold Parish Plan, incorporating Rowlestone with Llancillo, and Dulas Parish Plans will be printed and distributed to residents.  It is envisaged that this document will include:
    1. Introduction
    2. Big Ideas
    3. Strategic Plan
    4. Parish Plan
    5. Resumé of the Design Statement (2003)
    6. Rolling Action Plan as an A3 back page, folding out for reference.

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