Report on Rowlestone Llancillo meeting 16/3/12

Parish Plan Meeting Friday 16th March 2012 at Rowlestone Village Hall.

15 people attended.  Age groups represented:  Over 70 years of age = 1, 60-70 years = 8, 50-60 years =1, 40-50 years = 2, 30 – 40 years = 1.

Residents were consulted on:

  1. Housing development.  Please state the number of houses you think appropriate over a ten year period.

1 vote for 75 houses, 1 vote  for 20-30 houses, 1 vote for 10 houses, 1 vote for 6 houses, 1 vote for 5 affordable houses, 2 votes for no housing development.

Reporter’s note:  Some confusion crept in here.  It was later discovered that voters were unsure whether they were voting for the group of parishes, or Rowlestone or Llancillo, so the figures above are misleading. Written comments showed that all present were alarmed at the rate of “windfall” housing  and were very keen to prevent much more development, on the grounds of poor access.  (LO.)


  • Poor road access, steep hills and narrow lanes, only just adequate for current residents.  (Especially Pen-y-lan pitch in winter)
  • Already had development of several barn conversions over last 5 years.  Three at Pen-y-Worlod, One to two at Poole Farm, One opposite village hall. Several in five years before that.
  • Traffic has already increased due to barn conversions. 
  • Plan should not be considered due to the natural beauty of the area and the winding roads and hills.
  • Llancillo hopeless.  Barn conversions (about 12) have meant enough new houses and traffic increase. Winter roads often dangerous.


  1. 2.    Should there be more passing places on roads:   YES   3 vote /    NO  3 votes/  


  • Between Rowlestone Church and Balls Cross please.
  • Above Pennapark and Cae Brane the printers
  • Don’t pull out any hedges..
  • No. Unnecessary expense of creating passing places.  Improve road surface and drainage first.
  1. Does the parish need better maintenance of local roads, to improve road drainage and poor road surfaces YES  6 votes        / NO 1 vote                            
  1. Would you like to see improved sports facilities in Ewyas Harold to serve south west Herefordshire. YES  7 votes  
  • Especially want a swimming pool.
  1. 5.    Do you need improved recycling provision, either in Ewyas Harold or Pontrilas?  YES  3 votes   /NO  2 votes  


Wheelie bin recycling sufficient for our needs recycling 90-95% of waste.  We do need a

service for large items.  (Herefordshire Council Environment Department provides one for large household items).

  1. 6.    Residents want improved transport facilities:  especially a better bus timetable from Ewyas Harold and Pontrilas.  SUGGESTED ACTION:  Improve bus services to Pontrilas and Ewyas Harold by getting private bus companies and volunteer service round the same table to improve transport network for all age groups in the community. Do you agree?


YES   7 votes                         




  • Last bus from Hereford or Abergavenny is much too early.
  • Need evening bus from Hereford later than the present one.
  1. If the Railway Halt at Pontrilas were re-opened  would residents use the train in preference to driving? YES    5 votes    
  • I think it would be a great step forward. In particular improving access to Hereford and reducing pressure on the Belmont Road / Hereford Road bridge.  Re-opening the Golden Valley line – linking Hay-on-Wye to the national rail network – would be even better!
  • Visitors would use it.
  • I’d only use it for long trips.



  • Highways and Road Safety:  Country Lanes around Rowlestone should have a 30mph speed limit, but we don’t want signs put up spoiling the countryside.  It would be best if all rural lanes were made 30mph.
  • Important:  some cars go far too fast, particularly people speeding to work in the morning.
  • A swimming pool was talked of and I would like to see that become an immediate objective.
  • Rowlestone is a rural farming community which is an asset to all surrounding communities, enabling people to walk and see natural beauty.  This is how it should remain.  No more infilling or development on wild land, or green field sites.
  • Rowlestone has its own life, developing in its own terms and at its own pace.  Mark and Mary Williams are attracting people and activity.  The Church is becoming open through new notice boards etc.  Do not spoil this gentle growth please.
  • Want to see wider use of Recreation Ground in Ewyas Harold

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