Ewyas Harold Parish Plan is the work of the communities of Ewyas Harold, Dulas, Rowlestone and Llancillo over a two year period (2010-2012).  Public meetings and mini-questionnaires during 2010 enabled the Steering Committee to identify issues that needed investigation. A full Questionnaire was distributed in June 2011 and the results formed the basis of the Draft Parish Plan which was circulated in December 2011.

Further public meetings were held where it became clear that although  building development was the issue that worried most residents,   other concerns, such as the size of  of the school, serious road safety problems, lack of sports facilities, lack of opportunities for young people, lack of jobs and poor public transport showed a vulnerable community concerned for the future.

The final Parish Plan and Action Plan were drafted in early 2012.  This website was developed to communicate with residents and Councillors.  A Big Ideas page, a Strategic Plan, and a Rolling Action Plan developed.

The Steering Committee:  Liz Overstall  (co-ordinator);  Richard Baker (Chair of EHGPC);  Ann Bradley;  Fred Belcher, Judith Webb;  Helen Waites;  Dr Peter Overstall ;  Carey Godwin (Memorial Hall); Chris Gooding (Herefordshire Council, Community Led Planning).

In addition Mark Ponting reported on floods and drainage and Kim Cooper (architect), advised on planning/building regs.


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