Ewyas Harold Parish Plan



What is a Parish Plan?   The Parish Plan is an important community-led document which acts as guidance to the Group Parish Council, Herefordshire Council,  and other organisations on key issues affecting the parishes.  Once adopted, it is regarded as “material evidence” for Planning purposes by Herefordshire Council.  It could form the basis of a Neighbourhood Plan to determine what development is required and where it shall be sited.

The  Ewyas Harold Parish Plan (first published in September 2005), has been revised and replaced with a new plan:  the Ewyas Harold Parish Plan 2012.

Residents of Rowlestone with Llancillo and Dulas Parishes have assisted with Ewyas Harold Parish Plan, as well as creating their own parish documents which have been incorporated.

The Ewyas Harold Design Statement (2003) has been revisited and found to be still relevant in all areas except for the issue of bungalow construction.  It will be included as a formal appendix and should be read in conjunction with any built environment issues.

A Strategic Plan is being developed to ensure that the Ewyas Harold Parish Plan will be able to react to changing conditions, and incorporate new ideas.

A Rolling Action Plan will chart the success (and maybe failure) of the Councils to meet the community’s demands.  It will be an agenda item at every EHGPC meeting and will be reviewed in a Report at the Annual Meeting. (Links will be provided soon).

The Ewyas Harold Parish Plan website:  The Parish Plan is a “living document” and a blueprint for the future.  This website will follow the development of the Parish Plan.  It will be updated regularly and, together with the Newsletter, act as a link with the community.

You can see a copy of the  Parish Plan (2005) at  http://www.ewyasharoldgpc.org.uk/parishplan.html    The original Design Statement is still available from Ewyas Harold shop as a booklet